General Contracting

We assume the responsibility of the project from our customer’s conception to the finish.

Installing Fabricated Steel for Building

Fabrication of steel columns and beams for medical office in Hempstead, Long island

general contracting

Installing a ready mix plant

general conracting

Existing building was made larger and roof raised 4ft. Outside finished.

Pre-engineered stable Eastern Long Island

Recycling Industry

We provide installation and erection of plants and plant components, repairs, and fabrication. We install and repair silos, hoppers, conveyors, mezzanines, catwalks, exhaust stacks, railings, tanks, monorails, etc. We also do hardfacing on the anvils of shredders.

Re-Doing Teeth on a Shredder

Un-assembled, moved, and re-assembled complete crushing plants at quarry. Crushing unit weighted 137 tons


Fabrication and installation of 26ft x 10ft Silo for asphalt plant


College Point


Shredder Anvil Repair


Power Plant Repair


Repairs at Quarry


Fabrication in Patalan’s fabrication shop of extension for silo

Bucket Repair

Transfer Station Steel Beam Repair

Ready mix plant installation

Fabrication and installation of a picking station at transfer station

Industrial, Warehouse and Manufacturing

We fabricate and install mezzanines, railings, compressors, donage, cooling towers We demo boilers, provide rigging, install plumbing, etc.

Fabrication of silo extension

Mixing Tanks

Repair of truck bed

Mixing Tanks

Fabrication of hopper in Patalan Shop

Silos being changed

Fabrication at Patalan Shop

Fabrication of mold forcement

Fabricated of stairs and mezzanine

Pre-Engineered Buildings

We recommend and erect pre-engineered buildings.

Filteration Building for Suffolk County Water Authority

Marina Building

Recycling Building

Recycling Building

Installing a roof over existing roof

Recycling Building

R Panels and Zees made at Patalan Shop

Pre-Engineered Building in Copiaque

Pre-Engineered Building in Yaphank

SCWA Filteration Building

R Panel manufactured in Patalan Shop

Pre- Engineered building in Five towns area

Steel coils formaking zees at Patalan Shop

Selection of R panel colors made in Patalan Shop

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