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Founded in 1991, Patalan “650” Mechanical provides steel fabrication, installation and repairs of items, equipment and systems. Since 1991, Patalan 650 Mechanical has continued to add trucks, trailers, cranes and other necessary equipment to better serve their customers. Several years ago Patalan 650 Mechanical moved to the current larger location which provided room for the fabrication of larger items, more vehicle parking area, and space for several years of growth.
Aside from the welding, fabrication and installation of steel columns, beams, catwalks, stairs, landings, mezzanines, monorails; installation of bar joist, cranes, smoke stacks, plumbing, cooling towers; hardfacing of machinery anvils; payloader bucket repairs; metal roofing repairs, and many other items and system parts, Patalan 650 Mechanical has performed the following:
  • Fabricated and installed several 250,000 gallon steel tanks
  • Erected many pre-engineered buildings and canopies including a 300ft aircraft hanger
  • Provided service, on an on-going basis, to repair and maintain the operations of several power plants
  • Assembled and erected complete Ready Mix plants, fabricated and repaired silos and hoppers.
650 Mechanical has experienced growth from both repeat and new business. Most of the current business is concentrated in about a 50 mile radius of greater New York and mostly in the recycling and manufacturing business area . 650 Mechanical has capabilities and expertise to provide Component Integration and has provided this type of service on several occasions.
Nicolock paving factory – 650 Mechanical fabricated and installed various components National Waste Services – 650 Mechanical integrated the picking, conveyor, and fabricated the bin compartments.
Recently, 650 Mechanical was engaged to assemble various machinery and other components to form the production system for Strahl & Pitsch’s upgraded wax making factory. Strahl & Pitsch, West Babylon, NY is a refiner of Natural waxes and producer of wax specialties. Established in 1904 as a natural wax refiner Strahl & Pitsch now provides over 400 waxes to all industries including Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Confectionery and the candle industry. Strahl & Pitsch’s specialty remains natural waxes and have grown to include Vegetable oil based butters,Petrolatum replacements and a new range of natural products such as Laurel wax, vegerite waxes and genuine rice bran wax. Strahl & Pitsch waxes are known throughout the world and have continued to grow through their worldwide network of agents.
A new plant was built to consolidate a fragmented operation ,where production used six(6) separate buildings, into one complete homogeneous building complex. The increase in the building area would allow for a continuous production flow with additional and newer equipment. Production capacity would increase.
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